We offer classes for every level. Fitness industry is changing very fast and we are always striving to be ahead of it. We believe moving your body in variety of ways, without equipment or using minimal equipment is more then enough to help you to feel better, get fitter, get stronger, lose weight.



7.30pm – 8.30pm

Circuit training is an energy boosting full-body workout using a range of equipment as well as bodyweight moves in a series of exercises. It's an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength endurance in a fun training session.

Animal Flow

9.30 - 10.30am

Whether you’ve done Animal Flow before or are a complete newcomer we welcome you to this weekly class.


7 - 8pm

Boxfit is a fun cardio workout based on the training used for boxing - it includes skipping, boxing drills and core workout, all focusing on fitness and toning.

Strength Camp

10am – 11am

Zoom Strength Camp is a real workout but it’s also fun and friendly. Every workout is planned with you in mind – that’s what makes us different!