Do you want to look great and feel fabulous? Do you want to boost your energy and sleep better? Is your goal to lose weight? To be fit, strong, confident and healthy?

I might just be able to help you…

A bit about me…

I’ve always been an active person, but never used to enjoy exercising. I remember going for a run for the first time a few years ago and having to stop, exhausted, after just five minutes.

My first trip to the gym wasn’t a roaring success either. I felt lost and was too self conscious to experiment with the machines or weights, because I thought people were watching and judging me.

After that, I fell into a boring routine. Every visit was done on autopilot and became exactly the same as the last. My body shape wasn’t changing, my self esteem wasn’t growing.

It was this realisation that made me want to become a trainer. I wanted to develop a fitness regime that actually worked, one that I relished.

Here I am, six years later, running marathons!

Through my experience of training both myself and others I’ve learned how you can transform your body while improving your mind and general wellbeing through exercise.

We’re all individuals with different needs, aims, schedules and abilities…but with a bit of commitment EVERYONE can achieve their goal. Including you!

And I would absolutely love to help you get to where you want to be. Training with me is hard work, but also a whole lot of fun and I promise you that above all else, I will be completely dedicated to getting you the most amazing results.

Reps Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer

Certified Advanced Boot Camp Instructor

Trained in Kettlebells, TRX, ViPR, Rip Core

Pre and Post Natal qualified

Certified Animal Flow Coach