Thank you for stopping by. Let me tell you a little bit more about Zoom Fitness and what we can do for you.

Why you should join us?

At Zoom Fitness you will find friends and fitness. A lot of the time when you start a fitness regime it can be challenging to maintain; we’ve all been there, but its not that difficult when you know you’ll be coming to workout with your friends. Yes, there will be some squats, push ups, beasts and you’ll break a few sweat drops, but you’ll constantly feel coach’s encouragement, catch up on gossip with Zoom mates and its likely you’ll have a good laugh.

Why we are different?

Zoom isn’t just about training and fitness. It’s a community, a very friendly group of people who happen to do exercise as well as socialise. We do events together, we celebrate birthdays, we go to the theatre together, we help each other using different set of skills we have. Over the years we formed strong friendships, but don’t worry, you wont feel a stranger when you join us. We warmly welcome every new person coming to Zoom and by the end of your first workout you will feel like you’ve been training with us for ages.

What is Zoom Fitness and what we’ll do for you?

Zoom Fitness is small group and personal training company, established in 2012. At the beginning our main focus was to provide you with with a Boot Camp & Running club, but we have grown, learned and evolved a lot since then. We are very passionate about body weight training and we are very proud to be the first ones to introduce the next revolution in fitness and movement with our Animal Flow and Primal Workout classes. Each of our trainers specialise in different disciplines meaning that we are able to offer you a more varied and tailored training to help you achieve your desired health, fitness & wellbeing goals.

What we specialise in?

Fitness industry is changing very fast and we are always striving to be ahead of it. We believe moving your body in variety of ways, without equipment or using minimal equipment is more then enough to help you to feel better, get fitter, get stronger, lose weight.
We also specialise in Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness as well as Exercise Referral.

Where are we based?

Our outdoor studio: You will be trained outdoors surrounded by the majestic scenery that Alexandra palace has to offer with its spectacular views of London.
Our indoor studio: we also understand that sometimes you might want a bit more comfort, especially for the winter months so we will also provide you indoor studios training too.