One Minute A Day Workout – Vlogmas Day 18 – Our Wonder Woman Workout (HIIT Workout)

18 Dec

Join me on Vlogmas Day 18 for your one minute a day workout as we count down to Christmas.

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See what’s behind the Eighteenth door of your fitness advent calendar:

Our ‘Wonder Woman’ workout (hiit workout)!

My very good friend Caroline is bringing you one of her very special Hiit workouts that we have yet to find a sensible name for! While we absolutely loved Gal Gadot in the recent adaptation of Wonder Woman and her amazing training routine which got her into shape for the role, we love charm of the Lynda Carter Original Wonder woman!

Caroline has brought you a Wonder Woman Workout of her very own. This isn’t just a women’s Hiit Workout, anyone can take part.

You can jump straight to the workout here: 0:21

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I am 9 weeks post natal and am looking forward to slowly getting my fitness back. Join me each day on the run up to Christmas as we get fit together 🙂 ❤


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